3 sex stories

1. Sometimes sex is so good it can leave men feeling depressed afterwards. The condition is technically called post-coital dysphoria (PCD), according to a new study. Until now, it was assumed only women suffer with PCD, but in recent years doctors have reported complaints from male patients who say they can go into a deep depression and feel achy and irritable for hours after sex. Psychotherapist and sex therapist Phillip Hodson explains, “The sadness some men feel at this point may be due to the contrast between the joy of arousal and feeling like a superhero and the sensation of the feel-good hormones wearing off.”

2.  If you want to spice up your sex life you might just want to get a hotel room. Science shows sex is simply better at a hotel for two reasons. For one thing, being in a new place increases your levels of dopamine, the powerful neurotransmitter molecule that controls sense of pleasure and excitement. Also, checking into a hotel makes most people feel like they're on vacation, or escaping from the demands of daily life, which can set the mood for intimacy.

3.  Have you ever been addicted to love? A new study says you likely have. Oxford University researchers analyzed 64 studies on love and addiction and determined there are two types of "addiction-like" feelings when it comes to love: "narrow" and "broad." The "narrow" view is the one we typically associate with negative addictive behavior, and the "broad" view is more commonly associated with "normal" love. When you have a "broad" view, your addictions are more like manageable cravings. While some other scientists don’t consider the “broad” type of falling in love to actually be addictive behavior, the study’s lead author, Brian Earp, argues that it can become a form of addiction when our cravings start to take over our other interests. In other words, if nothing brings you as much joy as hanging out with your significant other, you might be addicted.

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