Draymond Being Draymond

There he goes again. Golden State forward Draymond Green, the player you love if you're a Warriors fan, and hate if you root for any other NBA team, is back in the headlines for an eyebrow raising opinion on the Cavs and the NBA Eastern Conference playoffs.


On Monday, before the Warriors completed their sweep of Utah, Green reacted to the Cleveland Cavaliers second consecutive playoff sweep--a 4-game waltz over the Toronto Raptors.

"I thought teams would compete a little harder," Green said of the Cavs opponents (Indiana and Toronto) in the East. "When you watch Cleveland play, you're only watching one side of good basketball. That's kind of weak."

There's no question the Cavs have dominated--and I'll concede that the Western Conference is stronger than the East--but when Green complains of a lack of competition, he needs to look in the mirror. 

The Warriors, like the Cavs, are 8-0 this post-season, sweeping Portland and Utah. Out of the 192 minutes of basketball in the Warriors sweep of the Jazz, Golden State trailed for only 12  minutes. Green however, stuck to his guns after the game Monday, insisting Utah put up a fight---something he feels the Cavs opponents did not.


"This team (Utah) continued to fight...The way this team fought this entire series, it was good basketball," Green said. "Cleveland's been playing great basketball....Then you watch the other teams they're playing against...not so much."

Green is right---the Pacers and Toronto were over-matched against Cleveland...but dude needs to look in the mirror---the same is true of Portland and Utah. 


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