Pacman Jones...Again

There's yet another off-field incident involving Bengals defensive back Adam "Pacman" Jones--even though, by all accounts, the initial incident was not his fault.

According to Jones, his Rolls-Royce was T-boned by a driver in Amelia, Ohio. He was unhurt and while Jones' agent told TMZ that Pacman exercised "great restraint," his anger was on display. To his credit, there was no physical  violence but the TMZ video posted below features Jones describing the accident with profanity laced language. His 9-1-1 call is also posted below and it includes a frustrated Jones verbally abusing the operator who is simply trying to clearly determine where the accident took place. Is it the worst thing Pacman Jones has ever done? No...but is it another indication that the veteran DB has anger issues and is disrespectful to others. Absolutely---but apparently, it's all good with the Bengals.



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