Lyle Apologizes...And Says Goodbye

We found out last weekend, after now former Ohio State guard JaQuan Lyle was arrested in Evansville, Indiana for three misdemeanors including public intoxication, that he had quit the Buckeye basketball team on April 11. Lyle, five days after that arrest, issued a public apology for his behavior and essentially said his goodbyes to Ohio State.

“I want to thank The Ohio State for an amazing two years," Lyle said in a statement he released on Twitter. "Thankful for all the people I met, coaches, teammates and professors. ... I wish nothing but the best for the University.”

Lyle's statement started with his apology. The incident in Evansville included Lyle punching the hood of a police cruiser. 

"Last weekend was something that I still cannot believe happened, but unfortunately it did, and for that I want to apologize for the city of Evansville, police department, and my family,” Lyle said. “Those actions weren’t me, and don’t define me as a person.”

From a basketball standpoint, Lyle's departure from Ohio State leaves a gaping hole in the Buckeye roster. OSU currently has only 10 players---just nine on scholarship.

You can check out Lyle's full statement, from Twitter, below.