Whitehall man Busted Bringing Marijuana From Colorado

WHITEHALL, Ohio (WTVN)--Whitehall Police say Craig Newman was arrested Sunday evening, after he drove back from Colorado with marijuana hidden in his truck.

Police say Newman tried to conceal the drugs in horse bedding in the bed of his pickup truck. Police found dozens of packages of marijuana derivatives, over 350 containers of raw marijuana, 21 packages of raw marijuana, along with marijuana edibles and oxycodone pills.

Police say Newman spent 10 days in Colorado buying recreational marijuana from over 100 dispensaries. He's also accused of "doctor shopping" in Colorado to obtain the oxycodone, also with the intent to sell locally. 

Officers say he spent over $47,000, but could get three times what he spent on it selling it here in Ohio.

Along with the drugs, officers found a stolen handgun in a search of his home.

Newman remains in the Franklin County Jail, charged with possession of oxycodone, with more charges pending.