Central Ohio gas prices down 14 cents in past week

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Central Ohio gasoline prices plunged more than 14 cents a gallon in the past week, aided in part by struggling crude oil prices.

According to GasBuddy.com, a gallon of unleaded regular was going for around $2.07 a gallon on Monday. That compares to a state average of $2.12 and a national average of $2.28.

GasBuddy.com found some stations in the Columbus area selling gas for as low at $1.86 a gallon in the Avery Rd. area and as high as $2.79 in the Polaris area.

Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for GasBuddy, says the decline in prices was nearly country-wide.

He warns, though, "Motorists shouldn't expect too much more of the nice price declines we've seen in the last couple of weeks as hurricane season comes in to view."

At the same time, DeHaan says we could see another week with a lot of states seeing prices move lower again. He says that's due to "gasoline inventories that remain quite healthy, along with refiners that continue to push out product at rates that have been higher than demand."

"It looks like even OPEC's best move to thwart supply increases hasn't done much thanks to U.S. oil production which has charged back like a bull," DeHaan said.