Feds Release Info on Columbus Man's Terror Plot

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The US District's Attorney's office has unsealed the details of the case against Abdiraham Sheik Mohamud, the Columbus man who was arrested for trying to plot a terror attack here in the US after training overseas with al-Qaeda.

Mohamud was arrested in 2015 for training with a terror organization affiliated with al-Qaeda. He got to Syria by obtaining a passport, and getting a one-way plane ticket to Athens, Greece. He flew into Istanbul, but instead of picking up his connecting flight, he crossed the border into Syria. There, authorities say, he was trained on fitness and the use of weapons and tactics.

He was instructed to return to the US to commit an act of terrorism, with the plot to obtain weapons and kill members of the military, government officials, or people in uniform.

Following his arrest, Mohamud pleaded guilty in August 2015 to all charges, including providing material support to terrorists. The case was sealed up to this point because of an ongoing investigation.

Mohamud remains in federal custody, and two of the counts against him carry a maximum 15 years in prison. Mohamud is still awaiting sentencing.

(photo courtesy ABC-6)