Party turns deadly near Cincinnati

COLERAIN TWP., Ohio (WTVN) --A 22-year-old woman died, eight others were hurt during an apparent home invasion near Cincinnati where people had gathered for a party to learn the gender of a pregnant woman's child.

As of Monday morning, Colerain Twp. Police Chief Mark Denney says the two men suspected of opening fire with handguns had not been identified or arrested.

The dead woman was from Indiana but has not been identified yet.

Among the eight wounded in the Saturday night shooting are three children-- 2, 6 and 8-years old--and the pregnant woman for whom the party was being held.

The woman told WXIX-TV that she lost her baby, a boy, after taking a bullet in the leg.

None of the others hurt is said to have life-threatening injuries.

(The Associated Press contributed to this story)

(Photo courtesy Getty Images)