2 students charged after discovery of explosives

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Two high school students from central Ohio are in trouble, charged with having an explosive device.

Columbus Fire Battalion Chief Steve Martin says one of the devices turned up last month, not far from a home on Arrow Feather Lane in Delaware County.

Columbus Division of Fire bomb technicians handled that as investigators tried to learn more about how it ended up there.

That same day, they got a warrant to search the home of a local high school student identified as a suspect.

The search turned up more than a dozen other improvised explosive devices, or IED's, around five pounds of explosive powders and other materials needed to make bombs.

While Martin believes there was no intent to harm anyone with the devices, one investigator says the variety and quantity of explosives discovered in the apartment were enough to take out the third floor of the complex--if not the entire building.

Both students have been charged with unlawful possession of dangerous ordnance.

Investigators say possible charges are pending for other students who might have been involved.

Martin says they don't think anyone was hurt and there was no significant property damage in connection with the case.