Confederate Statue at Cemetery Toppled

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Columbus Police are investigating after a statue that overlooks a Confederate cemetery on the city's west side was vandalized.

The discovery was made early Tuesday morning at Camp Chase, along Sullivant Avenue.

Over 2,000 Confederate soldiers from the Civil Ware are buried there, since the area served as a training facility for Union soldiers at the time, and also served as a prison for Confederate POW's.

Mayor Andrew Ginther released this statement:

“I understand that markers of the Confederacy bring pain to those fighting persistent racism in our community and across our country, but the destruction of property -- and the desecration of any grave site -- is unacceptable regardless who was interred. We must remain focused on productive, not destructive, action to bring about the change we seek and to further the fight for equality.”

The cemetery is owned and operated by the US Veterans Administration.

(photo courtesy ABC-6)