MORPC: Livingston & Hamilton most dangerous intersection

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Central Ohio planners are out with their latest look at the region's most-dangerous crossroads.

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission ranked 100 intersections using a formula that includes crashes, their severity and the volume of traffic between 2014 and 2016.

East Livingston Ave. and Hamilton Road is at the top of the list, followed by Broad Street at James Road.

Here are the remaining intersections in the top 10:

  1.    E Livingston Avenue @ Hamilton Road/SR 317
  2.    Broad Street/SR 16 @ James Road
  3.    Cleveland Avenue @ Innis Road
  4.    Karl Road @ Morse Road
  5.    Broad Street/SR 16 @ Lancaster Avenue/Reynoldsburg New Albany Road
  6.    Cleveland Avenue @ Dublin Granville Road/SR 161
  7.    E. Dublin Granville Road/SR 161 @ Karl Road
  8.    Morse Road @ Westerville Road/SR 3
  9.    E Livingston Avenue/US 33 @ Alum Creek Drive
  10.    Cleveland Avenue/SR 3 @ E Hudson Street

“In Ohio, the majority of crashes, particularly severe crashes, occur on the locally-maintained roadway system,” said Kerstin Carr, director of planning and environment at MORPC. “Our Local Safety Initiative aims to provide resources and technical assistance to local communities to address the safety issues within their jurisdiction.”

(Photo courtesy City of Columbus)