Discrimination at Root of Property Deed Bill at Ohio Statehouse

State Representative Hearcel Craig (D-Columbus)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Discriminatory language in property deed covenants is at the center of a new bill in the Ohio House of Representatives, introduced by Hearcel Craig, a Columbus Democrat. Craig announced the bill alongside Franklin County Recorder Danny O'Connor.

"Even though these discriminatory covenants are no longer lawful, they still send a message to millions of minorities who simply want to have a home for themselves and their families. The message is a harsh reminder that you are not equal," Craig said during a news conference at the Statehouse.

The Ohio House Democratic Caucus adds, "Housing discrimination referenced in these property documents has been unlawful and unenforceable since a 1948 Supreme Court ruling and the enactment of the Fair Housing Act of 1968. However, under current Ohio law, county recorders do not hold the authority to edit documents once they have been recorded, regardless of the content."

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