LISTEN: Local woman talks about Las Vegas Shooting

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (WTVN)--A Columbus woman calLed into the "Woody and the Wake-up Call" sow on 92.3-WCOL to talk about her experience in Sunday night's shooting at a country music festival, where over 50 people died, and at least 500 were hurt.

Robin Lewis says people originally thought that the "popping" sound was of fireworks, but then people started running and screaming. 

"Once he (Jason Aldean) started running is when everyone panicked," she said. Aldean was on stage when the gunfire started.

Lewis says she got separated from her friends, but got to a spot where she could get cell phone reception and contacted her friends again.

Regarding the gunfire itself, Lewis said it was 30-seconds of gunfire, followed by 30-seconds of silence, and that's when the crowd tried to run for cover.

"Everyone was just pointing, 'Go this way, go this way, go this way', and you were just sprinting with the entire crowd. There were tramples of people of people just running," she said.

(photo courtesy Getty Images)

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