Spielman suit expanded

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Former Ohio State Buckeye Chris Spielman's lawsuit against his alma mater over use of his name and likeness is now a class-action suit.

It includes 89 colleges and universities that partnered with IMG to market their football program.

The suit initially focused on the use of Spielman's image on a Honda banner at Ohio Stadium without his permission. Spielman has an endorsement deal with Byers Mazda-Subaru in Columbus.

Spielman told 610 WTVN's Joel Riley Wednesday morning, ""I am a Buckeye true and true...I love my university and still consider myself a major part of that university, beyond the scope of athletics."

Any money made from the suit, Spielman says, will probably go back into Ohio State's Athletic Department.

(Photo courtesy ChrisSpeilman.com)