Richard Cordray Announces run for Ohio Governor

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Former Ohio Attorney General and Treasurer Richard Cordray has announced he is running for Ohio Governor in 2018.

Cordray made it official at Lilly's Kitchen Table in his hometown of Grove City Tuesday morning. Cordray is the 6th candidate to enter the race on the Democrat side.

He joins the race for the party nomination with former congresswoman Betty Sutton, former State Representative Connie Pillich, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, and Ohio Senate Minority leader Joe Schiavoni. 

Ohio Supreme Court Justice William O'Neill had previously indicated he would exit the race once Cordray announced his candidacy.

Cordray most-recently served as Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under President Obama. Cordray's political career also includes a stint as Franklin County Treasurer.

His move comes a week after two candidates on the Republican side joined forces, with Jon Husted joining Mike DeWine's campaign as his running mate.

The other republican candidates are Ohio Lieutenant-Governor Mary Taylor and Congressman Jim Renacci.

(photo via Getty Images)

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