Mom Pushes for Scotty's Law After Son OD'ed

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- The mother of a Dayton-area man wants Ohio's senators and state representatives to pass a law that would require thirty days in jail, or rehab, for repeat drug offenders.

"Something good's going to come out of it," said Linda Chambers, who testified before the Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee on Tuesday. Chambers lost her son, Scott Childers, to a drug overdose in January, 2017. "I'm still angry. I just knew something had to be done. Something had to change. If you're on probation for possession of a drug, then test dirty and walk out, and you can die four hours later, I just don't understand," she said.

Chambers says naloxone did nothing to reverse her son's overdose. She says her son was an addict for about five years. She admits he may have been spared only a few weeks, maybe months, before eventually overdosing on an opiate, but it may have been enough to help turn him around.