New Ohio Driver's Licenses Begin in July

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Some changes are on the way for the state of Ohio in issuing driver's licenses.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles says beginning in July, drivers who renew their license at their office will have their license be sent to them by mail, within 10 days of their BMV visit. 

The agency says they will be producing the licenses at a central location, improving security and helping prevent counterfeiting.

Drivers will have a temporary permit to show their proof of licensing between the BMV visit and their new license arriving. 

Also, the state's licenses will be getting a makeover. 

The BMV adds that many things will not change. Deputy Registrars will continue to be part of the driver license and identification card process.  Customers will still initiate driver license and identification card transactions by visiting a Deputy Registrar agency, presenting documents (as needed) and be photographed. Driver licenses and identification cards will continue to be valid for four years and require a new photograph with every renewal. Customer costs will remain the same for both the standard and compliant cards.

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