CPD Officer Reinstated

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--A Columbus Police Officer, who was fired for his conduct during an arrest caught on tape, has been reinstated, pending he serve a suspension.

CPD and the Local Police Union confirm Officer Zachary Rosen will return to his patrol duty, if he serves a 24-hour suspension, which was the original punishment handed down by the department.

Officer Rosen was seen on bystander video in April 2017 appearing to kick a suspect in the head as the suspect was being arrested. Police determined Rosen kicked the subject in the shoulder, but that he used an "untrained technique".

Rosen was originally ordered to serve a 24-hour suspension, but city administrators ordered that Rosen be fired. 

An arbitrator ruled that Rosen be reinstated, pending the service of the suspension. He is set to return to the precinct where the April 2017 incident occurred, once his suspension is served. 

Officer Rosen was also involved in the shooting death of Henry Green in June 2016. He and another officer were cleared of any wrongdoing in that case.

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