Daylight Saving Starts This Weekend. Why Can't We Do This Friday Afternoon?

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Sunday, March 11th at 2am we Spring Forward and begin Daylight Saving Time. This will run through Sunday, November 4th at 2am when we Fall Back an hour.

How does this affect your world? Well, I'll tell you how it affects mine. For what I believe is the second or maybe third year in a row my kid has an out of town soccer tournament. And wouldn't ya know it but we have the first game on Sunday morning... at the butt crack of dawn. So not only are we not in our own bed but everybody loses an hour of sleep and is expected to come out with all guns blazing the next day.

Don't get me wrong. I realize this applies to both teams so it's fair in that regard. But many of the parents like to stay up a little later after the kiddies go to bed and enjoy a beverage or two in the hotel bar or common area. Sometimes maybe even three or four. Could even stretch into five or six. And in an isolated case... um, well, nevermind. It makes the next morning on the sidelines kinda rough.

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What is the reasoning behind Daylight Saving Time? This recent article from Forbes certainly helps dispel some of the myths.  

And good Lord what happens if you're not only traveling but crossing time zones? I'm not smart enough to figure this kind of stuff out. As a result this song would play over and over in my mind....

My real question is why can't we do this at the end of the work/school week? For the record people working the overnight when we do Spring Forward get paid for a full shift. So why not move the clock forward one hour at noon on Friday? Why does it have to come out of our leisure time? I'm sure some corporate butt kisser would come up with a study telling us how much a lost work hour would cost the US economy. So what. Throw us a bone. Make us feel good. 60 minutes... corporate America could eat that, couldn't they? For the sake of a little good will with their employees?   

Enough grumbling. I know it'll never happen. That's why you have my full permission to walk out of work an hour early on Friday. If you get busted just blame it on this blog post. I'll wrap it up by giving you a playlist of some of my favorite songs having to do with "Time". Good luck next Monday morning. That'll be when it really hits you.