Today is National Cereal Day... What are Columbus' Favorites?

Today is National Cereal Day. Why? I don't know.... but many kinds of cereal are awesome. Even if you're not a stoner. 

When I was a kid I think my fave was Count Chocula.  Franken Berry and Boo Berry were non-starters, had to be Count Chocula. To this day I consider chocolate to be one of the major food groups. Fruit based/ flavored cereals sucks. Not to mention it was thought at one time that Franken Berry could cause pink poop and I wanted no part of that. Also Count Chocula became a bad boy back in the 1980s because of this bit of unintentional controversy. 

As I grew older the next fave was Cap'n Crunch. And again.... NOT with Crunch Berries. Keep that fruit crap outta my cereal. There should be some form of legislation to separate fruit and cereal just as in church and state. Also it seemed that the Cap'n was getting the cooler in-box toys at the time. I remember some cheap plastic car that I loved to play with... even into my 40s. It was that cool. Sadly I think they tampered with the formula at some point, like Coke did, and it doesn't taste the same anymore. Or maybe I just grew up.  

Today my favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Not only does it kick ass in its own right but check out this PRO TIP: Dump it over vanilla ice cream and add some chocolate drizzle. You will thank me and sing my praises until the end of time. Do I have this for breakfast? No. But I sure as hell have it for a snack at night. Usually right before bed. 

Now of course they tried to add fruit flavor to it which is an abomination of all things pure and holy. Don't go there. But people dig Cinnamon Toast Crunch so much you can actually vape it now. That's right... vape it. More on that and other CTC fun facts found here.  

I'll leave you with one more of my faves.... Special K. The cereal might not be as fancy as the others. It's pretty straight forward. It's really more of what you do with it. My Mom used to make these Special K bars every year around the holidays. It became a family tradition that I continue it to this very day. Get the recipe here.   

These things are like crack. You can't stop eating them. Or at least I can't. The two most important parts of the prep process are not to scald the corn syrup making making the goop portion or the chocolate chips when creating the frosting. They're rich and they sit heavy.      

Enjoy National Cereal Day!

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