National Dems Detail Plans for 2018 Voter Outreach

Interview with the Democratic National Committee's Sabrina Singh

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Ohio will be a prime location for an outreach project by the Democratic National Committee as they seek to reach 50-million voters this year.

The 'I Will Vote' campaign will focus on getting more people to the polls. Part of the campaign, says DNC Deputy Communication Director Sabrina Singh, is to commit to vote, voter registration & protection, and getting out the vote.

"Happens kind of toward the end of the year when we're knocking on your doors, and making calls, and texting you to remind you where your polling place is," Singh says.

Conversely, the Ohio Secretary of State's office also has a web site for searching a voter's polling place.

The 2020 Presidential election, Singh says, will be important for the Democrats. Singh says the off years will be equally important for her national party."

The way the DNC is going to be engaging with Ohio voters is making sure the state party, which we rely on as our eyes and ears on the ground, and they're really in tune to what's going on in the state, has the resources they need, and that we can direct Ohio voters to to check where they need to vote," Singh says.

She says iwillvote is an initiative to reach voters on all platforms, and people in communities and at their homes. Singh adds, "Not a dollar of the money that we spent in Virginia and Alabama went for TV ads. You will be getting either a physical door knock from us, or an SMS text reminding you from now until Election Day to get involved."

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