Reimbursement Cap Proposed on Sporting Event Fund

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Team executives from all over Ohio testified before lawmakers in the House Government Oversight & Accountability Committee Tuesday. They are asking for spending caps to be lifted on the Sporting Event Grant Fund."

House Bill 531 has the support of the Hotel & lodging industry which sees a strong economic impact that results from these large-scale sporting events across the state, as well as professional and collegiate sports teams throughout the state," says Jeff Berding, General Manager of FC Cincinnati, testifying before lawmakers."

Ohio established the Major Sporting Event Grant program to assist local organizing committees in securing very large, competitively-bid sporting events," said Michael Priest, President of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Berding and Priest were among several executives representing their teams and leagues, including the Cavs, Mid-American Conference, and sporting commissions in Columbus and Cincinnati.

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