CPD Officers Not Indicted for Kareem Jones's Death

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--A Franklin County grand jury did not return a criminal indictment against two Columbus Police officers, who were involved in the shooting death of Kareem Jones.

Officers Samuel James and Marc Johnson responded to the area of Shultz Avenue in Franklinton on July 7, 2017, where they talked to Jones.

The report from the Franklin County Prosecutor states that Jones began to walk away and the officers noticed a handgun concealed in his waistband. 

The officers ordered him to stop and get on the ground. Jones put his hands up, but continued to back away. He then reached for the gun and began to raise it, according to the report. That's when the officers fired.

Jones was taken to the hospital but later died. The incident was captured on body camera.

The incident prompted a federal lawsuit against the officers, saying the shooting was not justified. That case continues to work through the courts.

The local police union sided with the officers in the incident.

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