Couple's New Home Gets Unique Start, on Statehouse Grounds

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Dave and Kate D'Agati will have a story to tell for the rest of their lives. It's a story few people will ever get to tell with honesty.

The D'Agatis are moving to Marysville, out of Columbus, and into a home built for them by Habitat for Humanity. The beginning of the structure's history, though, is different than every other home in Ohio. The first nail in the home was sunk while on the north plaza of the Ohio Statehouse."

My father-in-law volunteers for Habitat for Humanity, and he's always said, 'hey, you should check it out.' We procrastinated. When our youngest finally was able to move around and we had all their toys, we finally said, 'hey we need more space,'" says Dave D'Agati. "It's really good to pay toward having something that's permanent, instead of just throwing money away each month and being like, you get to live in an apartment."

Kate D'Agati says it's a positive step for her family.

"I think a big thing for me is the permanency for our children. I enjoy it as a mom knowing this is their place, they'll be graduating from high school, they'll be throwing parties here for years to come. I really appreciated that as a mom."

"We have over 250 volunteers coming together to build a Habitat for Humanity home on the Statehouse grounds," Ryan Miller, Habitat for Humanity Executive Director, said. "We certainly would not have been able to do this without the support of the Capital Square Review and Advisory Board.

The home will have 65 interior and exterior walls. "We will put those on a box truck and ship them off to Marysville where they will be the permanent location of the home for the D'Agati family," Miller said.

The two-story, three-bedroom home will be located just outside of the historic district of Marysville.

"I feel it's a really good opportunity to say 'Habitat [for Humanity] is cool," Dave D'Agati said.

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