Misunderstanding leads to Search of Big Walnut Creek

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Witnesses originally thought they saw a semi-truck strike a bicyclist on Columbus's south side Tuesday morning, but it turns out it was a big misunderstanding.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office responded Tuesday morning to a report of a rider struck along London-Groveport Road, at Parsons Avenue, with the "victim" allegedly thrown over the guardrail, and the suspect driver fleeing the scene.

Authorities searched the wooded area near Big Walnut Creek for about two hours, before things were sorted out.

Danny Collins says his bicycle and a backpack fell out of the back of his pickup truck as he made a left turn from Parsons Avenue onto 665, then a passing semi struck the bike and the backpack. Witnesses thought an actual bicyclist has been hit.

Collins returned to the scene to explain what happened, and no one was hurt. Authorities called off their search, and Collins could have been cited for leaving his tailgate down, but was not.

(photo courtesy ABC-6)

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