Ginther Unveils Rules for Columbus Scooter Riders

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther has unveiled the proposed rules for the safe operation of electric shared-use scooters in the city.

Ginther says the two major providers, Lime and Bird, have been willing partners in developing the plans for the devices.

Ginther says the scooters will be operated on the roadways around Columbus, and not the sidewalks.

His proposals will be presented to Columbus City Council this week, for their consideration. In the meantime, Ginther has ordered the Director of Public Safety to sign an emergency order so the rules go into effect immediately. That is also so the rules can be enforced.

Last week, the city of Columbus laid out the rules for the vendors providing the scooters, which included access to the devices in low-income neighborhoods, and for those without a credit or debit card to also have access to them.

(photo via Getty Images)

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