Kings Island Closing "Firehawk"

MASON, Ohio (WTVN)-- Kings Island amusement park, just outside of Cincinnati, has announced that they are closing the "Firehawk" ride.

Park officials, in a statement Thursday, say while the ride remains popular among guests, the coaster has come to the end of its service life.

The ride originally opened in 2007, and is touted as a "flying coaster", where guests are restrained, then laid back, with most of the ride creating the sensation that riders are flying.

The park initially teased the closing in a display of a funeral that guests saw during the "Halloween Haunt" event, that opened last weekend.

Firehawk originally opened as "X-Flight" at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure, formerly known as Geauga Lake, in 2001. The ride was relocated to Kings Island in 2006.

The Firehawk will give its final rides on October 28th.

(photo courtesy Kings island)

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