Public Meeting Tomorrow on Columbus's Proposed Ticket fees

COLUMBUS, Ohio (24-7 News)--The public is getting its chance to discuss the proposed ticket tax sitting in front of the Columbus City Council.  

At a meeting scheduled for tomorrow, the council will take public comments regarding a tax on tickets to cultural events, movies, and pro sports in Columbus.  

That meeting is set for 5PM in Columbus City Council chambers.

Backers of the tax say it would place a seven percent fee on tickets to entertainment in the city with 70 percent of the money raised going back into the arts and culture sector.  

Opponents say the ticket fees are an attempt to bail out Nationwide Arena from its financial woes and smaller entertainment businesses shouldn't have to shoulder that burden.

Opponents also argue that the fees amount to a tax, which should be voted on by the residents.

The fees would not apply to college athletics, like Ohio State Football games.

(photo via Getty Images)

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