West High School Students Found with "Hit List"

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Three students of Columbus West High School were found with a "hit list", consisting of about a dozen names.

Principal Greg Costello notified parents of the discovery via letter Thursday, noting that there was no immediate threat.

The list of names included both students and staff members. Additional counseling will be available at the school on Friday.

Costello's letter to parents reads:

Dear West families,

Safety on the West High School campus and across our Columbus City Schools is always our top priority. And we are safer together when we all work together to prioritize safety and act together to protect one another.

Whenever something potentially threatens the positive climate and nurturing culture we’ve created within our building, I want you to be aware and included in our efforts to reinforce this Safer Together message, which is why I am sending you this letter.Earlier today, an alert teacher discovered a “hit list” allegedly created by three students. 

The list contained the names of more than two dozen fellow students and members of the West staff. Though the students who wrote this list insist it was merely a joke, we take all threats seriously and enacted our safety plan. The students behind the list were detained and no immediate threat was discovered. Still, those students will be held accountable and face serious discipline.

When it comes to maintaining safety, there are no “jokes” to be made or “kidding around” to be had. I would ask that you please take a moment to have a conversation with your teenager tonight, reassuring them of our commitment to safety and reminding them of the seriousness of this matter. Our Guide to Student Success - which every student and parent signed off on - is very clear on the outcomes of threatening behavior, including potential suspension or expulsion. 

I also ask for your help in continuing to promote the importance of See Something, Say Something. If you or your child ever becomes aware of a safety threat to our school or any of our students, please call or text 844-SAFER-OH.

I appreciate your dedicated support of our school and our students. If you have any questions, feel free to call our Main Office 614-365-5956.


Greg Costello


(photo courtesy ABC-6)

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