DeWine Leads GOP Wins in Ohio, Brown Retains US Senate Seat

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Ohio Republicans remain in control of all five statewide elected offices, along with both chambers of the Ohio legislature, following victories on Tuesday.

The wins were led by the election of Mike Dewine for Ohio Governor. The Attorney General defeated democrat Richard Cordray for the right to take over the office currently being held by John kasich, who is term-limited.

The race was actually a re-match between the two, with DeWine also beating Cordray in the election for Ohio Attorney General in 2010.

DeWine is also a former congressman and US Senator.

The GOP also won the races for Attorney General, Secretary of State, Auditor and Treasurer.

Dave Yost will take over as Attorney General, after beating democrat Steve Dettlebach. Frank LaRose beat Kathleen Clyde in the race for Secretary of State, Keith Faber defeated Zach Space in the race for Ohio Auditor of State, and Robert Sprague beat Bob Richardson in the race for Treasurer of State.

As for the legislature, democrats were able to win back a couple of House seats, and at least one Ohio Senate, seat, but the GOP will retain their overwhelming majorities in both chambers. 

The one bright spot for democrats on Tuesday was the win by US Senator Sherrod Brown, who beat back a challenge from Republican congressman Jim Renacci. 

Also on the statewide ballot, state issue 1 was soundly defeated. It would have reformed sentencing guidelines for drug offenders, focusing more on treatment instead of prison time. 

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