Ohio House Passes Another "Heartbeat Bill"

COLUMBUS, Ohio (24-7 News)--The Ohio House has passed a bill that outlaws abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.  

The bill approved on Thursday bars abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected.  

The sponsor of the "fetal heartbeat" bill, Republican Rod Hood, said it would stop babies from being slaughtered before they're born.  

Democrat Nickie Antonio argued against the bill, saying women often don't know they're pregnant until after six weeks.  

There are no exceptions in the bill for rape or incest, and doctors violating the measure could face up to a year in prison.  

The bill passed the state House and is now headed to the Ohio Senate.  

Ohio passed a similar bill in 2016, and it was vetoed by Governor John Kasich. Governor-elect Mike DeWine, who takes office in January, has said he would sign such a bill.

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