ESPN Reporter Invokes Urban Meyer in Reuben Foster Story

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--A host at ESPN is taking heat on social media for comparing the situation with Reuben Foster in the NFL, with Urban Meyer at Ohio State.

Wendy Nix, host of ESPN's "NFL Live" tweeted on Tuesday that, "Somewhere Urban Meyer is giving the @Redskins a big ole 'Atta Boy'."

Reuben Foster is a running back that was recently signed by the Washington Redskins, shortly after he was arrested on charges of domestic violence. Foster was recently released by the San Francisco 49ers.

Meyer was suspended for three games this season for his alleged knowledge of the allegations of domestic abuse against former Wide receivers Coach Zach Smith. He was fired in July.

Nix is defending the tweet on social media, saying it was "not remotely a joke."

(photo via Getty Images)

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