Fees Increase for Owning a Vicious Animal in Gahanna

GAHANNA, Ohio (WTVN)--Gahanna City Council has approved an increase of fees for owners of vicious animals, following a recent attack that left two dogs dead.

The move increases the annual permit for owning a vicious animal from $500 a year to $750. It also increases the minimum liability insurance for those owners to carry from $100,000 to $250,000.

On November 30th, Lisa Brosnahan's two dogs were attacked and killed in her home by a neighbor's vicious animal, which animal control officials believe happened when the dog found its way inside.

The Council's President said the move is about safety and updating code that hasn't been updated in years.

The city of Gahanna considers an animal vicious when it attacks a human or another animal multiple times. 

(photo courtesy ABC-6)

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