Pike County Inmate Escapes, to Sit in the Hot Tub

WAVERLY, Ohio (WTVN)--A woman was able to escape custody from Pike County Sheriff's Deputies, only to be caught again, while sitting in a hot tub.

The Sheriff's Office says 34-year-old Autum Sapperfield was being held on a charge of possession of heroin, but fled from custody while being booked into the jail Tuesday afternoon.

Sheriff Charles Reader and Waverly Interim Police Chief Dennis Crabtree assisted in the search, which included thermal cameras after the inmate's shoes were found in the area.

Sapperfield was re-apprehended while sitting in the hot tub at the Bristol Village Activity Center, still in her prison jumpsuit. Reader and Crabtree personally re-captured Sapperfield.

Along with the original heroin possession charge, Sapperfield will now be charged with felony escape.

(photo courtesy Pike County Sheriff's Office)

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