John Kasich Signs on as CNN Contributor

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--John Kasich, who just two days ago left the office of Governor of Ohio, is now a Contributor for CNN.

The Cable News Network making the announcement Tuesday, with Kasich being named a senior political contributor.

His deal includes regular appearances on CNN prime-time shows, like "Cuomo Prime Time" and "Anderson Cooper 360".

Kasich, as a Republican, is considered one of the most prominent critics of the Trump administration. he was the last opponent standing in the 2016 GOP Presidential Primary, before losing to Donald Trump.

Kasich was also on TV prior to returning to politics, hosting a show and filling in as a guest host on Fox News.

Kasich's 2nd term as Governor of Ohio ran out on Sunday. He previously served as US Congressman from central Ohio.

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