Urban Meyer, William White Join "The Drive"

You never know how your day is going to go. My radio partner and former Buckeye quarterback Stan Jackson had arranged for OSU great William White to join us in studio on "The Drive" on 105.7, The Zone Tuesday afternoon. William, whose son Brendan was the Rose Bowl defensive MVP, heard a discussion Stan had with me a couple weeks ago. The topic was the term "student-athlete." Stan and I disagreed (as we often do). He believes the term is a bit of a sham and that many football and basketball players feel forced to go to school because it's their only avenue to achieving their ultimate dream of playing in the NFL or NBA. He also feels many athletes find majors that will just keep them eligible and not lead to a productive after football career.

With that discussion as a back-drop, we had a surprise caller into "The Drive" to offer a different perspective. His name is Urban Meyer. William reached out to the retired Buckeye head coach, who dialed in to talk about why, at Ohio State, the term "student-athlete" is accurate, and is taken seriously. He went into great detail about the "Real Life Wednesday" program he started as coach, how the program is evolving and how it will expand to all Ohio State sports. It was a great conversation. Big thanks to Coach Meyer for calling in. If you missed it, you can check it out here.