Lawyers Revealing More Info on Mt. Carmel Deaths

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The lawyer representing families of the victims of Dr. William Husel and Mt. Carmel Health System is sharing some of the details of the cases.

Gerald Leesburg is representing families affected by the over-prescription of pain medications, with at least two lawsuits filed, and at 12 families coming in contact with his law firm.

Leesburg says based on their information, there was non medical justification for prescribing some of the doses that were administered to the patients, which included fentanyl.

He says Mt. Carmel claimed that 27 patients were "near death", but Leesburg says that's not necessarily true, with one of the victims 44-years-old.

Leesburg says one of the victims received 1000-micro-grams of fentanyl, when even 100-micro-grams is considered a large dose of the drug.

Leesburg talked to 610-WTVN's Mark Blazor about the case on Thursday.

Jerry Leesburg

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