Lt. Gov. Jon Husted Assures Technical Educators of Budget Importance

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Hundreds of career and technical educators gathering in downtown Columbus Thursday morning heard Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted's comments about their profession and how technical education has changed in this state.

"Upskilling is such a big deal because the majority of people that are out there in the work force already have jobs," Husted said. "Technology is changing. The job that you literally have today could not exist five years from now."

Husted says the Governor's office has, in essence, two months to compile the two-year, or "biennial" budget. He tells educators about one aspect of their jobs, "to help inform people."

The state budget is generally compiled in the first two months of the year, then debated by legislators and approved around the end of June.

iHeartMedia Ohio Statehouse Reporter Jarrod Allen explains below.

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