Ohio AG Yost Urges Suspension of Mt. Carmel Doc in Scandal

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- The number of cases involving Dr. William Husel and his former patients continues to rise, now calculated at 34 in all, as of Thursday afternoon. Husel is accused of improperly administering drugs, in some cases fentanyl, which some families say led to the deaths of relatives.

Now Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is publicly calling for the suspension of Husel's medical license.

"It's too early to draw a lot of conclusions, but I think a conclusion we should draw is that we have a bad guy doing bad things and we should take away his license," Yost said. "I think we should look seriously [at it]."

Yost says the Ohio medical board meets privately, hear the complaint, then if they elect to suspend Husel's license summarily, within fifteen days there has to be a hearing where the doctor gets to defend himself if he wishes.

"My office conducts that hearing. We'll be ready to go if the medical board elects to go that way," Yost says.

Several lawsuits have been filed in the past two weeks by families of the victims in Franklin County Common Pleas Court. They allege Husel ordered excessive and lethal doses of narcotic pain medication.

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