Manufacturing Execs Prepare for Summer Job Camps

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Dozens of executives in manufacturing companies across Ohio are now preparing for the summer when they will host teenagers for job camps.

"There are great opportunities in manufacturing," says Diana Moore Eschoffen, a spokeswoman for Spangler Candy Company in Bryan. "Many years, there's been a stigma about manufacturing where they are dark, dirty, dingey places where people get hurt. That is no longer the case."

In Defiance County, Carla Hinkle heads up Workforce Development where she focuses on getting people to work. "Some of the things that we find difficult in workforce management and working with the schools is getting the information to the parents."

In Youngstown, at the OH WOW! Roger and Gloria Jones Children's Center for Science & Technology, Suzanne Barbati seeks to stimulate interest in STEM subjects in students.

"We want to capture that enthusiasm. We want to make sure people understand that manufacturing is alive and well in the state of Ohio," Barbati says.

Learn more about the job camps by clicking here.

Photo credit: Matthew Keyes, Sen. Sherrod Brown's office
Jarrod Allen reports on Summer Job Camps

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