VIDEO: Columbus Police Rescue Dog From Bitter Cold

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Columbus Police are using video from a recent dog rescue as a reminder to keep pets out of the cold during this polar vortex.

Commander Rhonda Grizzell says officers received a call about a dog being left tied up outside of a home on the south side, without food or water, during temperatures that were below zero, and wind chills around 30-below zero.

Officers were able to rescue the pooch, and brought him back to the precinct, where he was given food and a place to warm up.

The dog has been turned over to Columbus Humane, and it is estimated he is about 60 pounds underweight.

Investigators say the dog's owner has been in the hospital, and a relative had been stopping by on occasion to take care of the dog. Police say that is unacceptable in the cold weather.

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