Franklin County Judge Pleads Guilty, is Sentenced for OVI

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Franklin County Domestic and Juvenile Court Judge Monica Hawkins has entered a guilty plea to an OVI, and was given a suspended jail sentence.

Hawkins appeared in court Thursday morning to nswer to the charges stemming from an incident on January 31st, when Pickerington Police pulled her over for driving erratically.

Hawkins failed multiple field sobriety tests, and was cited for OVI and obstruction.

Hawkins pled guilty to OVI, in exchange for the other charges in the incident dropped. Judge James Fields ordered Hawkins to spend 90 days in jail, with 87 of those days suspended. Prosecutors said she could spend three days in a residential program.

She was also given one year of probation, and had her driver's license suspended for one year, with certain exceptions, along with paying court costs.

Hawkins's attorney, Brad Koffel, said Hawkins acknowledges she made a mistake, and wants the court to treat her like any other plaintiff.

Hawkins was elected to the Franklin County Domestic and Juvenile Court for her first judicial term in November, and she began serving in January.

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