Gas Tax Increase to be Proposed by Governor DeWine

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Drivers across Ohio should be prepared to pay more at the pump very soon, with the Governor set to unveil an increase in the state's gasoline tax.

Mike DeWine is set to make the announcement Thursday, with the state's transportation department facing a budget shortfall of about one-billion dollars.

Currently, the state charges 28-cents per gallon in taxes, but DeWine's proposal would raise it 18-cents, to a total of 46-cents a gallon.

The tax has not been increased in Ohio since 2005. Money from the increase would go to state and local governments for road and bridge upkeep and improvements.

For an Ohio driver who puts 15-thousand miles a year on their vehicle, it amounts to just under a hundred dollars a year. All of this is contingent on approval by lawmakers.

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