High Winds Leave Damage, Thousands Without Power

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--It was a rough weather day Sunday across central Ohio.

The National Weather Service warned of high winds across the area, with a cold front moving through the area prompting the wicked weather.

At it's peak, American Electric Power reported about 76,000 customers in the dark Sunday afternoon, thanks to the wind bringing down trees on power lines.

South Central Power also reported over 12,000 customers without electricity at one point Sunday, which included parts of Pickaway, Fairfield, Hocking, and Ross Counties.

Officials say some customers may not the lights back on until tomorrow, as crews work to try and restore everyone.

Power crews says they can not raise their ladder trucks in the high winds, and the weather today includes wind speeds just below the threshold of prompting an advisory.

(photo courtesy ABC-6)

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