Compromise Reached on Increasing Ohio's Gasoline Tax

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The tax on a gallon of gasoline in Ohio is one step closer to going up.

Governor Mike DeWine Thursday announced a compromise with Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder on how much to increase the tax.

The two agreed to raise the tax on a gallon of unleaded by 11-cents a gallon, and the tax on diesel would go up 20-cents a gallon.

Currently, a gallon of gasoline in Ohio is taxed at 28-cents a gallon. DeWine originally called for an increase of 18-cents a gallon, to alleviate a pending budget shortfall in the Department of Transportation.

The compromise still needs to be approved by the Ohio Senate, with the deal still being worked out in a conference committee of members of both the Ohio House and Senate.

Earlier, the Ohio House had approved an increase of 10.7-cents a gallon, and the Ohio Senate approved an increase of just 6-cents a gallon.

The transportation budget for the next two years has to be approved by Sunday. If approved, the new increased gas tax would take effect July 1st.

(photo courtesy Getty Images)

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