Oakland Nursery's Pro Tips for the Season

Poinsettia Care Tips

- Moderately bright light is best, but poinsettias will tolerate low light.

- Moderately moist soil is preferred. Water thoroughly when soil surface feels dry to the touch. Drain excess water in saucer at base of pot to prevent root rot and to protect furniture.

- Moderate temperatures are ideal: 65-70oF daytime and 60-65oF night. Avoid excessively hot or cold areas.

- Long-lasting poinsettias will benefit from periodic applications of fertilizer, used to manufacturer’s directions.

KEY TIPS FOR SUCCESS: Bright light and cool night temperatures will help delay flower bud drop and will maintain brightly colored bracts.

Cut Christmas Tree Care Tips

- Keep your tree outdoors or on an unheated porch or patio until you decide to take it in and decorate it.

- Keep it protected from the wind and sun also. More importantly, keep it in a pail or water or very wet sand until it goes inside.

- Make a straight, fresh cut across the trunk about an inch or two from the bottom when you’re ready to bring it in. This procedure opens the tree’s “pores” so they can absorb water, much like cut flowers do.

- Trees are thirsty! Keep your tree in a water bearing stand. Depending on size and species, Christmas trees can drink from two pints to a gallon of water per day. Fill your tree stand daily.

- If you use electric lights for tree decoration, make sure all lights, wires, sockets, and plugs are in good condition!

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