Former OSU Wide Receivers Coach Arrested

DELAWARE, Ohio (WTVN)--Former Ohio State Wide receivers Coach Zach Smith was arrested Thursday for violating a civil protection order against him.

The De;aware County Sheriff's Office was called out to his children's school Thursday afternoon, when he became confrontational with school staff for not releasing the children to him.

Smith was booked into the Delaware County Jail.

Smith's lawyer, Brad Koffel released a statement, saying, "Same old, same old. Absolutely malicious move by his ex-wife to have Zach arrested at their kids' school when he was there to pick them up. She's in contempt of court for not giving him the kids last night which she was supposed to. Just very sad for the children. 100% avoidable by both of them."

Last July, news of Smith's detention for domestic violence against his ex-wife led to the three-game suspension for then-Head Coach Urban Meyer. Smith was fired as a result.

(photo courtesy ABC-6)

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