Investigators Find Source of Carbon Monoxide in Home that Killed Four

GENOA TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WTVN)--Investigators believe a tankless water heater was the source of high levels of carbon monoxide that killed a home in Genoa Township, killing a family of four nearly two weeks ago.

On May 2nd, the members of the Reitter family were all found dead in their residence along Lewis Center Road, after a call for a welfare check.

Genoa Township Police began their investigation, noting that high levels of CO were found in the home when the four family members were discovered.

Police now say a tankless water heater, that had been installed in December, was emitting the deadly gas, and that an exhaust pipe on top of the heater was not up to code.

The home also had no carbon monoxide detectors.

Police also found no evidence of foul play with regard to the water heater, and since the extent of the police investigation is to determine whether a crime was committed, they have closed that case.

Investigators note that there was no determination of whether human or product error was the cause, and that remain undetermined.

The Montgomery County Coroner determined the preliminary cause of death for the four family members was carbon monoxide saturation, with final toxicology results expected in a few weeks.

(photo courtesy ABC-6)

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