Officer-Involved Shooting Ends in Chase, Arrests

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Columbus Police say an officer on special duty fired shots during a robbery, with the suspect eventually leading police on a chase before the getaway vehicle crashed.

It happened around 6:30PM Tuesday at the Certified gas station along West Broad Street. The officer on special duty observed a robbery of the cashier. The suspect saw the officer and ran, that's when the officer fired at the suspect after observing the suspect reach for a weapon. The officer's shot missed.

The suspect got into a waiting getaway vehicle, which took off. Police got authorization to pursue the vehicle, with the suspect car eventually crashing into a tree near the corner of North Star Road and Essex Road in Upper Arlington.

26-year-old John Jenkins Junior, the robbery suspect, and 20-year-old Rachel Sipple, the getaway driver, were both taken into custody, and charges are pending.

The officer and employee of the gas station were not injured. A weapon was recovered at the scene, and was determined to be a pellet gun.

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