CPD Investigative Unit Changes Announced

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The Columbus Police Department is undergoing numerous changes, both in how they police the community and how they interact with the public.

Interim Police Chief Thomas Quinlan says it includes a new department called the PACT team, or Police and Community Together. It essentially replaces the department's vice unit, which was disbanded in March after a string of bad publicity.

The new PACT unit will have plain-clothes officers policing for things like prostitution and alcohol sales to minors, but a uniformed officer will be performing the arrests, to prevent confusion.

Those arrested will also be offered resources to get help from the department, with the assistance of community advocacy programs.

The PACT officers will be assigned on a rotating basis, in order to prevent favoritism between officers and superiors.

Also changing for the department is a new community education unit, designed to help workplaces and places of worship to find ways for residents to stay safer there.

Quinlan added the department's mission statement and community values are also changing, to reflect the new relationship with the community, and reflect new laws police are enforcing and adhering to.

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